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The above link is an interactive interface which firstly sheds light on what the reasons for deterioration of concrete infrastructures may be and how the deterioration  may be avoided and solved. To find out more about the different kinds of deterioration that may be observed, click on the relevant areas shown on the diagram.

Secondly, this document provides some more general ideas on stonemasonry and concrete works.

This tool originates from an initial file produced by  Benoît Michaux in the 2000s (Project Manager in Malawi at the time) and has been greatly improved and enhanced by Pierre Perrault, Projet Manager in Haïti based on the following documents :

  • Concrete Construction Engineering Handbook, Second Edition
  • Concrete in Hot environment
  • Concrete Repair to EN 1504Michael Raupach Till BüttnerA SPON BOOKDiagnosis, Design, Principles and Practice

The complete folder is available for download.  – Version April 2016