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29 May 2024 in Non classé

Policy brief : Rural water services and their financing

In the remote rural areas of developing countries, where villages with fewer than 1,500 inhabitants predominate, international organisations rarely give priority to the management, monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure providing…
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17 May 2024 in Non classé

Social tariffs for access to safe water with Soakoja, a Malagasy professional service provider for operation & maintenance of drinking water facilities

Soakoja and Inter Aide have set up a professional, not-for-profit management system based on a "Water for All" approach, to meet the need to monitor, operate and maintain small drinking…
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7 May 2024 in Non classé

Lessons learned from the health insurance program in Bangladesh – 2020 to 2023

In 2020, after several surveys, ATIA implemented a health insurance program in Dacca, Bangladesh. At the end of 2023, ATIA decided to close this program, mostly because 1) ATIA has…
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13 February 2024 in Non classé

Supporting Inter Aide in integrating women in decision making related to water and sanitation governance  

Final report of the support provided to Inter Aide's programs in Malawi and Ethiopia, by the consultancy Prospectives et Coopération. This process took place in 2 successive phases: Phase 1…
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9 February 2024 in Non classé

Raised Ecosan latrines guideline

These guidelines concern the access to sanitation with a more robust and sustainable toilet design. The guide and the summary presentation describe the contexts and characteristics of the implementation of…
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2 February 2024 in Non classé

Gender and land (Malawi)

lessons and recommendations for sustainable agroforestry initiatives with smallholder farmers Since 2020, Inter Aide has been implementing agroforestry projects in Malawi's Lilongwe and Phalombe districts. One of the objectives is…
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16 January 2024 in Editor's Choice, Non classé

Program Manager’s Handbook

If you have to read one document as a Program Manager, read this one! Clear, practical and relevant advises and tools for all aspects of the role of a Program…
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24 November 2023 in Non classé

Firewood value chain and market analysis in the rural area of Lilongwe District

In order to better support and advise family farmers on wood production, Inter Aide has conducted a study to better understand the organisation of the firewood value chain in Lilongwe…
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2 November 2023 in Non classé

Main takeaways in Vietnam

Capitalization of the Early Childhood Program Convention 2020-2023 financed by the French Development Agency, Planète Enfants & Développement (October 2023) 11-2023-CAPI_CP20_Vietnam_EngTélécharger
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