Network introduction

Pratiques is a website for sharing experiences and capitalisation documents. Several NGOs contributed to its launch in 1995: Inter Aide, Essor, Initiative Développement, Entrepreneurs du Monde, ProAction Développement, and their partners in the South. The website is currently run by Inter Aide, ESSOR, ATIA, Planète Enfants & Développement and Experts Solidaires.

Its objective is to contribute to improving the quality and impact of development actions carried out in the field by the implementation teams of the members of this network and their partners in the South, by sharing ideas and tools. These exchanges should enable programme managers, their teams and local partners to gain time and efficiency by drawing inspiration from practices used by others, by using methods that have been tried and tested on other programmes and/or by drawing on the “memory” of ideas and methods used by their predecessors.

This is achieved through:

  • the drafting and dissemination of “practical” sheets or capitalisation documents: these are either notes that describe methodological experiences or techniques in a concrete manner; or documents that are intended to take a more general and analytical look at approaches and their evolution;
  • sharing and promoting tools designed by and for the programmes: procedure manuals, leadership guides, educational tools, databases, etc.
    the organisation of workshops and thematic meetings on specific topics prepared with the participants;
  • field visits to collect or transfer practices and methods that have been tried and tested in similar contexts.

The “Pratiques” experience sheets and stories are disseminated within the framework of the network for the exchange of ideas and methods between the NGOs that have signed the Pratiques network charter. It is important to stress that these sheets are not prescriptive and do not claim to “say what should be done”; they simply present experiences that have produced interesting results in the context in which they were carried out. Instead, the authors of “Pratiques” have no problem with these sheets being reproduced on the express condition that the information they contain is given in full, including this notice. If they are quoted, the source (Pratiques Network) and the authors must be mentioned in full.