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Evaluation through a Randomised Control Trial of the impact of a Mutual Health set up for vulnerable families in Burkina Faso

By 25 October 2023March 18th, 2024  

In 2018, ATIA supported the creation of the TOND LAAFI Health and Social Protection Scheme (DSPS) in Burkina Faso and more specifically in Ouagadougou and the surrounding area. Tond Laafi is a Burkinabe association with a social mutual insurance vocation. It provides a health micro-insurance service and a medical and social support service for the micro-entrepreneurs of the YIKRI microfinance institution and their families. ATIA wanted to take advantage of the creation of this new mutual insurance scheme to support an “action research” project. In collaboration with the University of Bordeaux, the aim is to measure the impact of the mutual on the use of healthcare on the one hand, and on the security of their socio-economic situation on the other.

To assess the effectiveness of Tond Laafi’s DSPS, the research team opted for the Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) method. Using this method, a treatment group (which had access to the DSPS) and a control group (which did not) were monitored for around two years. Around 2,000 micro-borrowers (1,000 in the control group and 1,000 in the treatment group) were surveyed during the baseline survey in early 2020 and the endline survey in early 2022.

This article provides a summary of the report. The full is available only in French (in the French version of this article).