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Guidelines to create Youth Programs. Life Planning Education (Advocates for Youth, 1995)

Methodological guide

By Carol Hunter-Geboy

Summarized table of contents:

  1. Who Am I and What Can I Do?
  2. What Are My Personal, Family, and Community Values?
  3. How Well Do I Communicate with Others?
  4. What Are My Relationships with Others Like?
  5. What is Sexuality?
  6. What Does Community Mean to Me?
  7. What Are My Goals ?
  8. How Can I Make Good Decisions?
  9. What Are Stereotypes and Gender Roles?
  10. What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent?
  11. Can I Keep Violence out of My Life?
  12. How Can I Take Good Care of My Health?
  13. What Reduces Sexual Risks?
  14. How Do I Prepare for the World of Work?
  15. Evaluation
  16. Video Distributions