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This study is composed of 2 main parts:

One on the traditional place and role of hedges and agroforestry in general (native and exotic species) in the agrarian systems of the highlands of the Kembata-Tembaro area. It includes observations and discussions collected from the farmers on the field as well as a review of the bibliography.

A second part that comes back on the introduction of 2 fodder tree species managed as hedges (Sesbania sesban and Cytisus proliferus). The study assesses the appreciation and the level of adoption of families. It comes back on the different farmers’ practices regarding the germination of the seeds, the perceived effects on soil and nutritional qualities for livestock… It also evaluate the relevance and potential of a wider dissemination of these fodder hedges in the highlands.

Author: Astrid de Montbron, Internship thesis (2019)