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Involving Women: Developing Communities Through Women and Water – Inter Aide Sierra Leone 2013

By 4 February 2014July 24th, 2023 ,  

DEVELOPING COMMUNITIES THROUGH WOMEN AND WATER : There are many important reasons why women should be more involved in a community water resources project. In order to have more women participation, we need to better understand the role women play and how access to water can improve not only their own development but expand to many other opportunities.

A first note – produced by Gemma Kite – Inter Aide Sierra Leone 2013 – aims at giving some clues to increase women’s participation for decisions related to the management and maintenance of a collective good, the water supply infrastructure.

A second document – produced by Anne-Laure Sablé – Inter Aide Sierra Leone 2013 – is a tool (in French) that gives concrete recommandations and guidelines for animators during their sessions with the communities.