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ENFANCE Foundation, a Pilipino NGO created by Inter Aide in 2003 to support poor families living in the slums of Manila, started a Family Budget and Savings (FBS) Program in 2007, targeting families who are too poor to have access to any financial services. Through financial literacy trainings and the creation of a specific micro-savings product called Piso-Pisong Ipon (PPI), with collection done every day in the slums near the houses of the families, no minimum deposit, no minimum maintaining balance, the goal was to increase the savings of these families, facilitating their access to basic needs, providing them a basic protection against external shock (disease, destruction caused by natural disaster, …) and helping them create income generating activities.

After 7 years, more than 3,000 people had opened an account but very few were able to save regularly and/or significant amount. In 2015, 5 home-based trainings on budgeting, advanced budgeting, savings, dream your project and over-indebtedness have been created and conducted from March 2015 to September 2015 with new members in order to increase both the frequency and the amount of their savings. The impact of these trainings has been evaluated on October 2015.

The ZIP folder includes the evalaution report and Training manuel and material for each home based trainings, namely :

  • Budgeting I
  • Budgeting II
  • Dream Your Project
  • Developping Saving Habits
  • Over-Indebtedness