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UPLiFT India Health Mutual Funds: external publications

By 19 March 2013September 27th, 2022  

The Uplift India Health Mutual Funds model was studied under the PACE model (“Product, Access, Cost and Experience” assessment tool) in the paper titled IMPROVING CLIENT VALUE FROM MICROINSURANCE: INSIGHTS FROM INDIA, KENYA, AND THE PHILIPPINES developed by the Microinsurance Innovation Facility and rated as one of the higest client value models in comparison with other health insurance schemes in India. The report is published in Microinsurance Paper n° 12, sep.2011 and can be found on this link

Uplift model was also studied in the paper titled VALUE-ADDED SERVICES IN HEALTH MICROINSURANCE where Uplift’s value added services have been analyzed along with other models (

Uplift also got an opportunity to write about mutual microinsurance in the microinsurance trilogy of the Microinsurance Network of the winter edition of 2012