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This procedure manual serves as a reference document for the field and management staff involved in the implementation and execution of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program as well as any person to understand the standard ECD program procedure. This document provides the detailed summary along with a graphical depiction of each step during the different phases of the program implementation. Every step is further explained with a detailed description of its purpose, implementation strategies, key activities involved as well as expected outcomes and the responsible person. This manual is just for reference purpose, as the procedure explained below could be altered matching the nature of the needs of the target audience in urban slum communities.

The purpose of this document is to review and summarize the monitoring & evaluation (M&E) process for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) program, which has evolved over a period of time during the implementation of the program by Swabhimaan and Interaide since 2003. This document is an attempt to summarize the learning from the monitoring process of the ECD program so far and to describe how the process of monitoring and evaluation could be strengthened further to help the ECD partner organizations to develop a robust and comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation framework for the program in future. The process of developing this framework has been participatory in nature, which involved extensive consultations with the ECD partner organizations, especially the field staff working on the program at different levels.