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Household Water Treatment : the experience of Inter Aide in Sierra Leone

By 12 October 2015July 25th, 2023 ,  

Some communities are too small in population that they are excluded of projects of construction of new wells: because it is a lot of money to invest for few beneficiaries, because they won’t be able to gather enough people for the workmanship required for such construction, because a well equipped with a hand pump could be too costly per family to maintain. Therefore, Inter Aide launched as a pilot approach in Bombali district (North of Sierra Leone) the possibility for the families to chlorinate the water they fetch from their traditional water point.

This presentation comes back to the results we get :

  • It includes a brief descriptive of the methodology, how we train and sensitize the communities (creating water committees), how has been developed access to chlorine and how the supply is organized between producers, groceries and how communities can buy their refill.
  • It is trying to understand what is making the approach successful so far, as a matter of consequence Inter Aide would like to scale-up such approach ; what are the next steps and challenges…

Document written by Mathieu Métois, Knowledge managment coordinator Inter Aide – September 2015