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Study on household water chlorination in Sierra Leone (december 2016)

By 26 July 2017July 24th, 2023  

Inter Aide is supporting communities who population is below150 habitants and who are usually excluded of WASH programmes.

Solutions are implemented to organize household water treatment : a village committee is trained and then in charge of collecting money from all households to buy bleach, some members of the committee is treating water for his neighborhood every two days.

During a 6 months internship, Aurélie Moy studied about a hundred of communities supported by Inter Aide to assess the level of uptake to the approach and its impact.

The conclusions are encouraging because all the targeted communities are still practising chlorination (some of them since 2011), and more specifically 80% of the households of these communities. The impact on decrease on diarrheas is also quite notable.

The general mission report goes with more developped studies concerning :

– the structuration of the bleach supply chain (network of shops)

– a complete report of the visits to communities

– in depht studies to understand the possible reasons of loss in chlorine concentration in certain cases.