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How to Evaluate a Family Follow-up?

By 15 June 2022August 22nd, 2022  

Adrien Cascarino edited by Vincent Griffaton


The Supervisors often have to accompany social workers during family visits in order to assess the quality of the follow-up done by the social worker. How can they evaluate this in one visit?

Although a check-list of what should be said or done is clearly impossible, these guidelines can provide the supervisor some of the question he can ask himself before, during and after the visit and when he has to provide feedback to the social worker.

It is absolutely necessary not to evaluate social worker according to the number of objectives solved or not solved: since the basic principle of the FDP methodology is that the objectives have to be identified and solved by the family itself, evaluating the social worker according to the objectives of the family would mean that these are actually the social worker’s objectives. Besides, such an evaluation can easily result from the social worker pushing too much the family to solve objectives (and get mad at the family if they don’t do anything), lest they get a bad evaluation.