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In 2022-2023, ATIA, its Madagascan partner KOLOAINA and its Indian partners benefited from a “gender study” co-financed by the F3E, which enabled them to examine in greater depth the combination of actions linked to psychosocial support and those promoting women’s empowerment.

This qualitative study (interviews and focus groups) was followed by a presentation and discussion workshop with local teams.

The use and appropriation of new tools, including an Empowerment Scale by the social workers, gave women a space to reflect on their situation, on subjects they don’t usually think about (childcare, alimony, etc.). New practices have emerged among the social workers, such as a more in-depth analysis of the woman’s situation during monitoring committees using the 4 powers matrix.

This article presents the results of this study and a guide to setting up a training and awareness-raising workshop on gender stereotypes.