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Entrepreneurs du Monde

 An international charity associationSince its creation in 1998 the French NGO, Entrepreneurs du Monde, has been working with communities in developing countries. The organisation enables thousands of women and men living in extremely difficult circumstances to improve their living conditions: it provides support for their own economic initiatives and helps them gain access to products offering significant health, economic and environmental benefits. It helps these people to be successful, which in turn enables them to make economic and social progress.An association that brings its expertise into three continentsToday the organisation is active in 12 countries and its work, either through its own programmes or in collaboration with its local partners, focuses on 3 areas: Social microfinanceWhich provides female market traders, dressmakers, hairdressers, farmers and other people working in the informal sector with financial services (loans, savings, insurance, etc.) and socio-economic services, including training programmes, individual monitoring, referral to other specialised agencies, etc. This allows beneficiaries to develop their businesses and improve their daily lives.Social entrepreneurshipWhich encourages the distribution of products offering significant health, economic and environmental benefits: gas stoves and improved wood or charcoal cook stoves, solar-powered lamps, spirulina, and housing designed to suit the constraints and meet the needs of the local population. This area of operation serves as an incubator for social and environmental innovation which benefits the families supported by Entrepreneurs du Monde. It enables the development of a local network of independent social enterprises, managed by local entrepreneurs who, with our help, have already developed their skills.The creation of very small businesses (VSB)To encourage artisans and basic-service providers to develop very small businesses (VSB). Since 2006, Entrepreneurs du Monde has developed the website Pratiques Microfinance with Inter Aide.This site is available in French and English and aims to promote a social microfinance approach. Visitors can download tools and fact sheets on experiences to gain some knowledge before starting a new program.