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Tool of the Ethiopian Federations for the follow-up of the maintenance : grid to classify water systems

By 24 November 2017June 27th, 2022  

Measuring the effects and impacts of activities related to the maintenance of water points can be a real challenge. In Ethiopia, numerous brainstorming sessions have been conducted on that topic with the Inter Aide's teams that progressively led to the design of a simple and original monitoring tool. That tool it is not directly connected to the infrastructure functionality or the nature of the malfunction, but to the level of response to be provided, based on the point of view of the Users Federations*.


The first part of the following note describes the monitoring tool, which has been designed to enable us to assess the effects of our actions, but above all to provide the Federations with criteria to measure the progress made with their work.  A second part provides a first review of the results obtained so far, based on the monitoring tool. The end of the document deals with the pending issues and missions on which Inter Aide is currently working.


*N.B. : the Users’ Federations are local entities composed of representatives of the water points Users’ Associations for a Kebele (groups of villages); they are in charge of supervising the maintenance carried out by the Associations, giving them advice, and keeping a general overview of the state of repair of hydraulic infrastructures in their geographic area.

See the Pratique Note


Note written by François Bourgois, head of sector Inter Aide for Ethiopia – November 2017