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The goal of this report is to list all the self-employed businesses potentially available for vulnerable poeple living in the poor districts of Mumbai. For each business, it details the best practices and strategy to make it work, the cost of the raw material and how much the self-employed person can expect to earn every day.

It was done for Annapurna Parivar Vikas Samvardhan (referred as to APVS in the rest of the document) and Parvati Swayamrojgar (referred as to PSW in the rest of the document).
APVS has been working for the families of poor self-employed women, with its micro business, social loans
and saving program since 1993.
PSW was created in November 2002 with the intention of providing access to micro credit for income generation or business development for the poor.
The study has was conducted in different branches of APVS: Karve Nagar, Paud Kothrud and PSW: Ramtekdi, Dandekar Bridge and Lohiya Nagar.
The staff for the implementation of this survey is composed of the loan officers, and for the identification
of the sample of external social workers: Manasi Kulakarni, Sasha Gupta, Sudip XXX, Manisha Gutman
and the intern for the analysis and the forms.