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The idea of business counselling came from the fact that most of the group training on business management organised by NGOs previously faced some difficulties in terms of attendance (low response), heterogeneity of the group in terms of educational level, expectations, needs…It was needed to revise the strategy.

In December 2006 we decided to develop individual business counselling with deep and regular follow up of advices given.

From the Indian network of partner NGOs supported by Inter Aide, 2 partner NGOs were ready to develop and implement this new service to their borrowers: Annapurna Parivar and Parvati Swayamrojgar.

The business counselling project was merged in the global business development service project which includes a wide range of other services to the poor.

ZIP folder including:

  • Business counseling analysis report
  • Business counseling operation manual (Uplift)
  • Forms: dreams, manufacturing, service, business on the move, trading shop
  • Income, expenses and net worth form
  • How to get license
  • Tool for business expansion
  • Inventory planning
  • Recipe for juice bar business
  • Counseling forms