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Executive Summary

NSVK IGP department conducted a baseline survey in Ganpat Patil Nagar in order to assess the opportunity of launching a new IGP branch in this area.
679 families were interviewed. Here are the main results:
• 82% of interviewees are PAT level 3 or less
• 47% of families interviewed have at least one member running a business, and 23,3% of people running a business are rickshaw-wala
• In 70% of families, only one adult is earning money
• Average monthly income per capita: Rs 1,934
• 82% of earning adults work in the unorganized private sector
• 81% of interviewees have been staying in the area for more than 7 years
• 92% of migrants out of Maharashtra, 72% coming from UP
• 65% of interviewees own their house
• Very low access to basic facilities: only 19% have access to safe water and 38% to public toilets
• 44% of interviewees have savings currently, among which 50% have less than Rs 500
• 57% of interviewees declare they would need a loan, and among them
o 73% need a loan amount less than Rs 10,000
o 27% need a loan for business creation or development
Given these results, we can conclude that this area presents an interesting potential for an IGP: low PAT level, high number of small-scale businesses, high population stability though they are migrants, and almost no competition by other MFIs or credit cooperative in terms of loans and savings.