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Creative Workshop (CW) is designed in Family Development Program as a catalyst of the parents and children to strengthen their relationship. In Creative Workshop, toy is one of the significant factors that contribute to the realization of the CW’s goal, since toy is one of the media for play. It actually needs to express a characteristic quality, so that each time the child looks at it, the child’s imagination is reminded of something different out of the child’s growing life experience. Thus, the presence of toys in the family would give the parents and children greater chances of playing together and of the same time helping the child to develop holistically.

This training is designed to equip the FDWs especially the ECCD (Early Childhood Care and Development) Specialist with the different activities for Creative Workshop that focus on the creation of toys for the children. In addition, this training will also aid them on how to use these activities for the CW’s processing.

After the training, the FDWs will be able to:

A. identify different activities for Creative Workshop (CW);
B. discuss the importance of these activities for Creative Workshop;
C. discuss the factors of the Creative Workshop’s activities that contribute to the development of Parent – Child relationship;
D. show ways on how to use the different CW’s activities as a media of processing in CW; and
E. perform the different CW’s activities;