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Methodological Document on Family Development Approach – Inter Aide 2010

By 15 June 2022July 30th, 2022 ,  

Methodology of the “Family Development Approach“, Alexandra David, clinical psychologist, Philippines Country Director in 2006 – This document was updated in 2010 by Anne Carpentier, psychopractioner, Technical support to social programs, and translated into French – On line 22.02.10

Early Childhood Developement: P.27-28 Link betwenn FDP and ECD


Inter Aide started implementing Family Development Programmes in the 80’s in deprived urban areas in Brazil, and later in the Philippines, in Madagascar and in India. The family development method has evolved throughout the years, based on the experimentation of new innovative interventions aiming at responding to the beneficiaries’ identified and expressed needs.

This paper is a synthesis of various experiences and reflections on the implementation of Family Development Programmes (FDP). We felt it was relevant to write such document as the Family Development‘s concept and practices have evolved during the last years from an approach giving priority to concrete “problem solving”, to a focus on the root causes of family issues (psychosocial components, family communication…).

Various writings of Inter Aide’s Program Managers and Areas Managers (particularly Gaspard Schlumberger’s writings, as he wrote the first draft of this document in French) as well as brainstorming, analysis and reflections with local FDP teams on the field, are the basis of the present document. This document also updates and replaces the first “Pratiques Notes” wrote by Emmanuelle Six-Razafinjao in 2000.