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Inter Aide

Created in 1980, Inter Aide is specialized in the implementation of development programmes for the most vulnerable populations in remote rural areas. The association currently runs 50 programmes in 7 countries, located in Africa (Ethiopia, Guinea, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Sierra Leone) and in the Caribbean (Haiti). The objective is to reinforce the capacities of vulnerable populations to improve by themselves their living conditions and those of their communities. Its programmes, based on the needs of families, focus on four areas of intervention: - Primary education ; - Community health (mother and child, fight against major endemics, etc.) - Access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services and the development of maintenance services for these facilities; - Agriculture (agro-ecological practices, development of promising sectors, etc. to strengthen food security and the environment of families). In 2021, the association supported 193,000 beneficiary families (965,000 people) to meet their vital needs.

Gender and land (Malawi)

lessons and recommendations for sustainable agroforestry initiatives with smallholder farmers Since 2020, Inter Aide has…
2 February 2024