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Training on Delivering Helpful Feedback (2017)

By 13 June 2022August 22nd, 2022 ,  


One of the main ways of training social workers is through continuous follow-up, visits to families
done with supervisors and feedback after the visits.
After having watched several feedback sessions done by supervisors, the Program Manager of FDP
in Mumbai India noticed that most of the feedbacks were very judgmental, limited to “what is good
and what is not” and therefore not helpful for the social workers who felt evaluated rather than
supported, and often did not understand the critics that were addressed to them. More often than
not, there was also no feedback at all.
As a result, a training was created to help supervisors provide constructive feedback to social
workers. This training can be extended to all supervisors who have to provide feedback.
This training with supervisors was conducted in India in 2016 and in Madagascar in 2017 and was
considered very useful by the participants.