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Complete and interactive training on Family Development Program

By 22 August 2022 ,  
Author(s)Sandhya Panaskar, Training and operation Manager, 2016 – 2018
Harshad Pathare, Training and operation Manager, 2016 – 2018
Eglantine Germain, Program Manager, ATIA, 2015-2018
Adrien Cascarino, Technical Support on FDP, ATIA 2014-2018
Key wordsFamily Development – Social Worker –Training – Observation – Judgement – Management
SummaryAfter having attended to several home-based visits conducted by the Social Workers (SWs) to vulnerable families enrolled in the Family Development Program (FDP) in India, the supervisors noticed that if the processes of FDP were clearly understood by the SWs, there were often issues in basic empathy skills. Furthermore, the situations of the families could sometimes remind the SWs of their own and personal issues and make them react inappropriately, or at least without distinguishing between their own beliefs and the ones of the family. As a result, a 5-days initial training was designed and conducted in India in 2016 and in 2017 for all the new SWs and also for all the current SWs. This training with was and was very appreciated by the participants. On field we often referred back to the games played as they are remembered and understood. The interactive activities boosted their analytical skills and provoked several “aha moments” when they realized by themselves how some of their behaviors or thoughts affected them and their work with families. The activities also have triggered several emotions from excitement to sadness to surprise, and therefore make them more comfortable with emotions as a whole. This training allows the facilitators to introduce SW to complex theories and information (from this FDP training) in a participatory and hands-on approach that aims to ensure that SW have integrated these empathetic and non-directive ways of working with families. To go deeper on the theoretical aspects, see this training on Family Development Program

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