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Training on Motivational Interview

By 22 August 2022 ,  
Author(s)Vincent Griffaton,  Head of Country and Program Manager, ATIA, 2011-2021
Editor(s)Adrien Cascarino, Technical Support on FDP, ATIA 2014-2021
Key wordsFamily Development – Social Worker – Motivation – Training – Observation – Judgement
SummaryThis training has been adapted from the Motivational Interviewing (MI) of W. Miller & S. Rollnick[1] to FDP with the aim to help the social workers: understand the logic of their intervention recognize and accept the ambivalence of their partner families recognize and prevent resistance of the families adopt an adequate attitude to encourage families toward a positive change This training has been delivered to the 13 FDP team members of Jaipur from June 2019 onwards, 1 year after the program had started. The field experience of the SWs helped the team connect this training with concrete cases they had met on field with their partner families. Additional role-plays have been organized at each session, based on the questions of the SWs and the situations that they reported. The training has gone through the following chapters gradually (1 hour max/week) in order to keep the team concentrate and active.  

[1] Motivational Interviewing, Third Edition: Helping People Change, William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick, 2013

(French version: L’entretien motivationnel: Aider la personne à engager le changement, 2ème édition, 2013)