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Training on Psychosocial Tools

By 22 August 2022  

A 4-day training on the use of psychosocial tools was conducted in the Philippines in 2015. Une particularité importante de cette formation est le fait que les participants doivent utiliser les outils psychosociaux avec leurs collègues pour s’entraîner, ce qui n’est pas simple et peut les mettre mal à l’aise. Cependant, cette expérience a aidé les accompagnateurs familiaux à mieux comprendre les sentiments et difficultés de la famille lorsqu’ils font le génogramme. In addition, since local social workers often encounter similar psychosocial problems in their own families, this practice helps them to manage their feelings when working with families

As the content of the training was difficult for the social workers to grasp, refresher sessions were planned every fortnight to help them assimilate the concepts. As for the order of the trainings on psychosocial tools, the cycle starts with the most “formal” one: the genogram drawn by the counsellor who can, together with the beneficiary, focus only on the descriptive part if they want to avoid any emotional involvement) until the most “disturbing” one: the life line, which focuses on the personal feelings and history of the beneficiary