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Training on Superstitions and Beliefs

By 16 June 2022August 22nd, 2022  

Author(s) Vincent Griffaton, Head of Country and Program Manager, ATIA, 2011-2021
Editor(s) Adrien Cascarino, Technical Support on FDP, ATIA 2014-2021


In one family supported by Family Development Program, the partner-mother explained to the Social Worker (SW) that her husband is a specialist in plaster boards fitting and that he was hired for a work few days ago. Strangely, he was dismissed just as he reached the work place. According to his wife, this bad luck was caused by black magic and there were no other possible explanation. During the review meeting (OCM), the SW presented the case and proposed to work on the beliefs and misconceptions of the family.
This small training aims to give possible directions to SW facing difficulties with families who refer to black magic or other superstitions, especially when this aims to explain their inability to move forward or achieve an objective.